Bungee Cord Shelves


Don’t hide pretty notebooks and reading materials inside your desk — organize them on ledges and secure them with colorful bungee cord. Get the corner molding and hooked cords at your local hardware store. Paint as desired, then attach them to the wall, and you’ve got a gallery you can stretch and switch up as often as you like.


L-shaped outside corner molding (1 1/8″ by 1 1/8″, $9.25 for 96″, homedepot.com)
Semigloss interior paint and paintbrush
Drill and 1/8-inch drill bit
3 plastic wall anchors and screws (by Red Head, 1 7/16 inch and 1 1/2 inch, $7 for 20, homedepot.com)
Patching compound (Ready Patch, by Zinsser, $9 for 1 qt., homedepot.com)
Fine-grit sandpaper
2 screw hooks
Craft paint and paintbrush
USA hooked bungee cord 36″


Have a hardware store cut molding to desired shelf length (ours is 3 feet). Paint molding with interior paint; let dry completely.
Drill 3 pilot holes through side of molding that will attach to wall: one hole near each end and one in center. Tap an anchor into each hole with hammer.
Paint screw hooks with craft paint to match bungee; let dry. Drill pilot holes 2 inches beyond and 5 inches above each shelf end. Twist screw hooks through holes into wall; attach bungee.
Sand smooth and paint to match molding. Paint screw hooks with craft paint to match bungee; let dry.
Attach molding to wall by driving screws into anchors, stopping when screws are flush with molding. Cover screws with patching compound; let dry.

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