Air Fryer Bacon

It is a twelve ounce package, and it had eleven slices, FYI. Just arrange them in the basket. A few folds are okay, but try not to overcrowd the pan.

Raw bacon arranged in the air fryer

And then ten minutes on 400 degrees will do the trick. I did take a peek half way through to see if anything needed to be re-spaced. Tongs are helpful for this. True to form, bacon shrinks down quite a bit when cooking.

Cooked bacon in the air fryer basket

Check it after ten minutes, and see if you want it any more done. I like mine pretty well-done, so I went an extra minute and a half. It was perfect y’all!

I use the tongs to place the cooked pieces on paper towels, where I blot and drain off any remaining grease.

Air fryer bacon on paper towels

Crunchy outside, chewy inside, dark around the edges…just perfect!!!

Heads up: I did empty out the grease prior to cooking my second batch. Just for the record, I may never make bacon any other way again.

And if you are a big bacon eater, I think cooking bacon alone would justify an air fryer purchase.

By the way, this has inspired me to explore more cooking with my air fryer. So stay tuned for more of those recipes. Also, if you love your air fryer, leave me a comment with your favorite things to make in it. OR, a wish list of foods you wish you knew how to make in the air fryer.

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